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We have many years of experience

International transport of the deceased

International transport of the deceased
We bring relatives

We provide transport services from all over the world to Poland.

Funeral services
Funeral services

We organise burials of the deceased. We advise in difficult moments.


We have our own crematorium, which operates 24 hours a day.

Professional transport of corpses from abroad

We are a company that emphasises professionalism, diligence and reliability in the services we provide, and these mainly include the international transport of the deceased and, above all, ensuring a sense of peace and security at this painful time for you.
Apokalipsa has been operating in the funeral services market continuously since 1991. Many years of practice and rapid development have allowed us to gain experience, thanks to which the services we offer, such as international transport of the deceased, are provided at the highest level. In addition to the professional organisation of funeral ceremonies in Poland, we are able to carry out even the most demanding and complicated orders such as the transport of the deceased from abroad. Our qualified staff make every effort to ensure that the transport of the deceased to Poland is carried out in a reliable and conscientious manner and that the international transport of the deceased takes place without delay.

The process of transport corpses

Contact with Apokalipsa

Our employees will provide you with all the necessary information, present an offer, and assist you in preparing the documents.

Document delivery

The next step is to provide the necessary documents for transportation.

Transporting a corpse or ashes from abroad to Poland

We are transport the corpse of your loved one to the country. We adhere to the highest standards.


Upon request, we will perform the cremation of the deceased person.

Assistance in bringing a corpse to Poland

Losing a beloved one is difficult enough when you are at their side and able to make the necessary arrangements locally. But if a friend or family member dies abroad, bringing the remains to Poland, can be very complex and difficult. Because of the necessary documentation, legal requirements for export and import, coordinating the transport of funeral goods and working out the details of embalming, cremation or other processes, it's a good idea to use a funeral company that has the necessary skills and knows what international transport of the deceased is all about.
The best place to start is with a funeral home that has a lot of experience and can carry out the international transport of the deceased with due respect. Arrangements for the flight with transport of the deceased from abroad cannot be made by an individual person. Arrangements for the transport of human remains back to one's own country must be made through a specialised transport company that has the necessary authorisations. Funeral homes have access to a number of international courier companies with whom they will work to co-ordinate the shipping process and associated complex paperwork.
Transporting cremated remains is a less costly option when it comes to transporting a corpse from abroad. Cremation of human remains is available in most countries, but in most Muslim and Catholic countries, religious customs and local laws may prohibit cremation. In some countries, cremation facilities may be quite limited, for example only one crematorium in the whole country. This adds the additional cost of transporting the body to the crematorium, which may be hundreds of kilometres away from the place of death. Such additional arrangements would obviously be time-consuming, resulting in a delay in returning the remains to Poland. In such cases, the cost of cremation would be significantly higher.
Our funeral company has many years of experience in supporting families by organising the professional international transport of the deceased. With in-depth knowledge of the international regulations and customs procedures of many countries, our company makes the process as easy and problem-free for the bereaved family as possible. Our sensitivity, expert care and intricate knowledge of the systems, airlines, international transport companies and customs of numerous foreign countries saves our clients time, unnecessary complications and stress, ensuring that the remains are brought to Poland in the shortest possible time.
Years of experience
Conversations with relatives


Our domain is comprehensiveness, we act in such a way as to relieve you as much as possible from all the worries concerning the organisation of your beloved ones farewell, which is why we take a very individual and special approach to every matter entrusted to us, be it a burial or the international transport of the deceased. A personal approach allows us to adapt to your needs and expectations. We know how difficult it is to lose your dearest and to fulfil all the duties related to the organisation of their funeral, which is why our priority is to meet your expectations regarding the last farewell and to support you during this difficult time.
We work meticulously on a large scale, thus ensuring that all requirements and formalities are met when it comes to transporting the deceased from abroad. We guarantee international transport of the deceased not only in a hearse vehicle, but also by air and sea. Our employees speak several foreign languages, which can definitely help when it comes to transporting the deceased to Poland, plus our representatives are active in several countries all over the world. We make every effort to help you with domestic and international funerals, which is why all our services, including the international transport of the deceased, are carried out with the utmost care.
Competence, care and meticulousness are the determinants of our approach to the work we do. We are ready to help you and answer all your questions, whether it is a funeral or bringing the remains to Poland. Our facility is located in Wyszków, but because we work around the clock, our qualified staff are ready to help you at any time - we are at your disposal at any time of day or night.